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Click to see front and back covers "The treatment program has introduced new ideas and ways of living to the clients so they can
  change the image of a life they can have. . . . . .These new ways of living are taught throughout the
  three-month program and seem to make a difference in their successful recovery from drugs and
Excerpt from the book             by Dr. Casey Church
                         "Holy Smoke--The Contextual use of Native American Ritual and Ceremony"   

Allen    "Allen a.k.a Baby Lion was a friend of the Overcomers Program. He graduated from the Fall
  2012 session, then returned to serve in the 2014 programs. He spent most of his adult life in
  and out of jails and prisons, but when he chose to walk the Red Road and put drugs and
  alcohol behind him, he discovered that the Creator had a pathway prepared for him.

Baby Lion was not—nor did he ever claim to be perfect. He was, however, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. He understood that the past could not be fixed or changed, but in the present he could make a difference for good, so that is what he endeavored to do, which was manifested in his willingness to pitch in and help wherever needed.
     In September 2014, for the first time in twenty-some years, Allen came off paper—no parole, no probation, no nothing. On October 2nd he was baptized, publically declaring his faith, and seeking spiritual grit and grace on the sometimes bumpy road of sobriety. Then, a few short weeks later, our brother got pneumonia and crossed over on October 28th. Baby Lion was a courageous warrior of a man who fought the good fight and finished the race strong."

                                                                                                 "In memory of Allen"  written by Ken Abell--staff counselor

"The opportunity to serve in the BIC Overcomers Program as Home Living Coordinators was for us a challenging and rewarding experience.  For 3 months we shared life with men ready to live lives of sobriety.  We shared in their joys, fears, struggles and aspirations as we talked, laughed and prayed.  Our lives were enriched by what they had to offer us and blessed in sharing God’s grace and love with them.”                                                                                 John & Eva Brubaker, Upland BIC--Spring session 2009

"I am so blessed to have what I have.  Not able to know how much others cared for my sobriety and to live life with God. I never knew how important I needed a family to show me discipline, love, and help me to grow. My heart goes out to the family at Overcomers.  Since meeting them I was loved from the first day of my 3 months recovery.  I still have conversations with some of the family.  The Lord has given me another chance to be a sober minded father and serve him the rest of my days. Being a part of the family that goes sweatlodging, travels, hiking, prayers, cookouts, family visits, meeting new people, building arts and crafts exercise, praise and worship and a lot of teamwork are just some of their teachings. Because of these teachings I practice them and my children follow in my footsteps in giving all the Glory to JESUS.  I wouldn't be the person I am now if it weren't for people like Ralph, Bonnie, Patzers, Stoner's, Wiebes, Dinosaur people, and Duane, these are just some of the loving ambassadors from Heaven.  I'm So thankful to this day and love you all.  GOD bless."                                                                   Cody, graduate fall 2009

“Serving as Home Living Coordinators has been a very good experience for us.  Learning to know people of a different culture and to see some changes in their lives which we believe will have impacts on not only them but also on their homes and community.  There is also the joy of serving the Lord Jesus in this simple way of serving others.”
                                                                                                                     Paul & Heidi Smucker, Green Grove BIC--Spring session 2007

"I would like to thank the BIC Overcomers for helping me to discover a better life apart from drugs and alcohol.  It's a very good program for men battling addiction.  It taught me a way of living through the Word of God and how to apply the life lessons that the Lord has for us.  I have put into practice all of what I learned at the BIC Overcomers into my life.  I can't express how much I am thankful for everyone at the BIC.  I wish the best for every man that has gone through or is going through the program now."
                                                                                                                                                                                        Luke,  graduate fall 2012


We are a non-profit  90 day residential alcohol & drug rehab program dedicated to walking beside men whose lives have been torn apart by addiction and helping them as God restores them to wholeness

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