Hope & Redemption Ranch
   Helping men to overcome the chains of
   addiction so they can make a difference
   in their families, churches and communities

Joint venture between BIC & Jabek Ranch 

This endeavor will be a symbiotic relationship between the BIC Overcomers (a 501©3 Non-profit organization) and Jabek Ranch.  The vision and goal of this partnership is to aid in the restoration of adult men struggling to overcome their addictions through the implementation of both Christ-centered and traditional principles, the restoration of the land, and to provide goods and services to the local community

A.  Restoration of men
        a.  Merging of a short term (3 months) with a long term (additional 9 months) program
            i.  Phase I--3 months
                1.  Intense 1-on-1 counseling
                2.  Nightly accountability group meetings
                3.  Classroom studies
                    i.  Inner Healing
                    ii.  Life Skills training
                    iii.  Cultural teachings
                4.  Instill good work ethics through the participation in work crews.
            ii.  Phase II--9 months
                1.  Continued 1-on-1 counseling
                2.  Continued nightly group meetings.
                3.  Vocational training--teach them employable skills that they can take back and
                      and help their families.
                    i.  Agriculture--small scale crop production.
                    ii.  Solar--the set-up and maintenance of system.
                    iii.  Livestock--the raising and processing of livestock.
                    iv.  Food service
                    v.  Auto maintenance
                4.  Fully involved and invested in the workings of the ranch through work crews.
                5.  Help with job placement.
            iii.  Advance phase--for qualified post graduates
                1.  Bring in and train past graduates to lead the work crews and mentor new clients.
                2.  Raise up Native leaders to eventually take over and run the facility.

B.  Restoration of the land
        a.  Become a self-sustaining entity--providing for the needs of the program.
            i.  Raise livestock--goats, sheep, chickens, beef, pigs, horses.
            ii.  Raise produce--both garden produce and the needs of the livestock.
            iii.  Meat and dairy processing.
        b.  Maintenance crews--upkeep of facilities and vehicles.
        c.  Local farm store--selling of fresh surplus goods to community.
        d.  Solar farm--produce enough for program needs and sell excess back to power company

C.  Increase Local involvement
        a.  Local church volunteers (Home Living Coordinators, teachers).
        b.  A local church network of support for graduates.
        c.  Continue to build upon good reputation with the courts and law enforcement.
        d.  Local businesses--both jobs for graduates and program sponsorship.


We are a non-profit  90 day residential alcohol & drug rehab program dedicated to walking beside men whose lives have been torn apart by addiction and helping them as God restores them to wholeness

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